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Check out our guide for signing up!

New to the area or to Club Sport? Want to know how it all works and the steps to start having fun? Check out our "GUIDE TO SIGNING UP" HERE. It's all you need to know to GET OUT, GET ACTIVE, & AND MEETING NEW PEOPLE.

Not too athletic? Try these!

Club Sport has great "Social Leagues"

Where you can enjoy a beer while "competing"...




On your own? We have a team that needs you!

Looking for a new sport? Afriad to step out athletically? KICKBALL LEAGUES are perfect for beginners. Sunday is a laid back, fun league. Sign up now to start June 3. SIGN UP HERE.


Winter 2018 Champs

Congrats to all of last season's champs! Check out our EVENTS page for info on our next players party with FREE BEER.