Matching teams with bar sponsors

Matching teams with bar sponsors

Every teams needs a dedicated watering hole!

Being the premier social sports league in Tampa Bay, Club Sport’s teams are always looking for a watering hole after their games to either celebrate their win or drown their sorrows!


The best way to encourage a team to use your establishment as their homebase is to sponsor a team! Sponsored teams tend to loyally frequent your bar for post-game drinks and/or food throughout a season.


Club Sport has over 40 fields and locations all throughout the area so there is bound to be one near your establishment!


Example benefit: 12 member team x 9 game season x $15 avg check/person = $1620 sales per season!






Get your bar on the list to sponsor a team...

1. Decide what to offer (anywhere from full team fee sponsorship to a partial sponsor ~ $100-$700). Providing shirts is a great way to promote your brand as well at the field and out on the town!

2. Contact Club Sport with your offer. For a small fee we will add it to a dedicated webpage and teams will contact you directly.

3. Host your teams each week after the games! Options are to offer specials or reserved areas for large teams.



For more info contact or call 877-820-2582 x2