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Testimonials & Press

Check out what players & the press are saying about Club Sport

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What players are saying about Club Sport


We've had two games so far everything is going very well. Having a great time. Team gets along great, plenty of players. thanks. Looking forward to many years of playing with this club -Chris


Everything has been amazing! I have never played kickball competively before and its been fun. My team (Purple Cobras) all came over from playing soccer on teams around the city and through Tampa Bay Sport Club. So we are having a fun time learning the rules because most of us havent played baseball.  -Lily


It really been a positive experience for me. The people on my team are great as well as the teams that we have played. I’m still learning some of the rules of this softball league but ultimately , I’m very satisfied :) -Sonya


The league is going great. Very competitive and just a good time. Looking forward to the next season already -Kevin


I'm enjoying my experience with my new softball team. Everyone is friendly and fun to play with. It is well organized and well run. - Steve


Everything is going great, have really enjoyed playing with club sports and the group on Dilly Dilly, it's been a fun season so far and look forward to continuing.   I've been able to play quite a bit with other teams that are short also, so I'm getting to play a lot and meet a lot of great people. - Beth


I met Rudy on the first night we started and he has been awesome, was able to play in the kickball tournament with a fun group of Drunken Elves.   Dave, who is the regular coordinator has also been great, you have a good group of guys running things.   Your flexibility and management style are goods reason why we go your website first when looking for recreation and sports activities. - Steve


Tournament was a blast. Y'all did a fantastic job as always. We love the setup on those and wouldn't miss them for anything. -Chris


I like my team a lot and I'm having a blast. Thank you again for placing me. -Joe


I'm having so much fun with my Sunday team. I was a little nervous about being on a free agent team (I hadn't heard anything positive about the free agent teams) but it's a great group and couldn't be happier. Everyone gets along well and really supports one another. While I've only been in Tampa for a couple of months, it's already very obvious to me how well run this club is- nice job!! I had been involved in several leagues in Boston and this league beats all of them by a long shot.

Thanks for doing such a great job organizing the league. -Allie


The Kickball team is great! Its a great group of people, and I'm really enjoying it.  -Blake


Absolutely having a blast with this league, you guys do a fantastic job of organizing, communicating, refereeing, scorekeeper etc.  Am recommending it to anyone/everyone who I come into contact with that likes sports in general (not even just basketball).  Very impressed!  -Michael


Everything is going great and I am extremely happy with my placement. Meeting great people and having fun😁👍 Much appreciated. -Kayla


The people on my team are so nice and they are exactly why I joined the league.  --Christy


everything is going well. I am having lot's of fun. I will continue to play on the league and recommended to friends. Keep up the good job. -Gilberto


Thanks for the email. I LOVE my team.  We all show up, get along great, and have so much fun. I hope to continue on with all or at least hopefully most of them.  Thank you, -Patty


It's going really well.  Everyone on the team is really nice and I haven't played in 2 years but all the sudden, I'm a 3rd baseman again!  It is very exciting. -David


Thank you for reaching out! My team and I are having a blast.  It turned out to be a great match.  I appreciate your help and I will be back next season for sure. Thanks!  -Chadd


I want to start by saying what I great league! Very talented and stand up staff, teams, and referee's. Im looking forward to a long Tampa bay sports recreational basketball carrer. - KJ


Thanks for checking in.  I am having a blast with the bowling league!  It is so much fun!  I've never done any of the events with Tampa Bay Club Sport before and I would definitely do it again.  My friend, Dan, and I got matched up with two people we hadn't met before and it turned out great!  We have a lot of fun and, while I'm not the world's greatest bowler, the experience is fantastic.  I can't wait to see how the season turns out!  And I LOVE theme nights!! :) - Aaren


I just received your email—How is your Softball league going?  Well . . . our team (Aces & Eights/Wednesdays at Eddie C Moore) is 0 -3; but I and the team couldn’t be happier. The umpires are terrific (Will & Raphael), and all the teams (so far) have been really nice to play against. Sportsmanship really rules—a statement that is hard to believe but true. Our team is a random mix of players who didn’t know each other before and most haven’t played for years. (For me, I can’t count how many!). Anyway, every player has really been fun to play with. All get along terrifically well. --Steven


My kickball team is amazing as always!!! I have played in this league since its inaugural season and haven't missed one yet! And I probably won't any time in the foreseeable future. It is such a fun league and everyone on my team has been awesome, even though it's changed a bit from that first season!! They are some of my best friends now!! I would highly recommend this league to anyone to (unless I think they are too good and would beat us...haha! Just kidding!) - Katie


I tell everyone Tampa Bay Club Sport is the new I met my husband there, 10 months later...engaged then married! We still play together and love it! - Aimee


I could not have asked for better placement on a team. [My captain] runs a very positive group. My teammates are funny, they play hard, are encouraging to one another, and demonstrate good sportsmanship. This has been a great season. - Cade


Just want to let you know, I went to our teams game tonight and I was extremely impressed with the umpiring crew and staff. They were all very supportive and sympathetic for me and my injury. It made me realize how over the years this league has gotten better and better, a lot of this is due to the great people who are involved with coordination and officiating. Thanks for the years of enjoyment. - Dan


Everything is great. I love the players on my team, and even though we have not won yet, it's been fun playing. I will certainly return for another season. - Kerianne


I signed up as an individual, and everything is going well so far this season. I enjoy playing. My teammates and I get along well, and I plan on playing again next season, hopefully with the same team. - Jermaine


This is definitely something my fiance and I will do as moving from NC to Tampa about 6 months ago has been challenging making new friends and think these types of groups are a perfect, casual, fun way to meet some nice people. - Rebecca


In the past, I signed up regrettably with the WAKA league AND the kickballsociety league, and they both played on grass fields and didn’t have paid refs, so this is pretty awesome to have found you guys. - Sabith


Hello! My name is Sam and I have only been to one game so far but I don't think I can adequately express how much this program means to me already. It is so nice that we can all meet and play a friendly game of soccer once a week. For some of us out of high school or done with college this is the best way we can keep enjoying our sport. This Sunday coed team fits perfectly into my schedule and I really enjoy the game and all the wonderful people playing, coaching, reffing and managing. It is a splendid program I hope to be a part of for years to come. Thank you. - Samantha 


Thanks for the amazing time, I really mean that. As a big rowdies fan and a frequent organizer of pre-game tailgating, that [Rowdies Pub Crawl] was the zenith! - Matt


Having a fabulous time! Team members are great and encouraging.  As for everyone showing up….so far so good!   Thank you again for placing me with a team... - Mary


Wanted to thank you and your team for making the playoffs for our season work. We had some scheduling issues and Carly was able to find a solution and it helped us to be able to play and win another Championship! We have a great time playing in this league and will be back next year to 3 peat! I remember about 2 years ago when we were moved up to competitive league and I was doubting us a bit but you believed in us and here we are, 3 championships in the last 3 club sports teams we have played and definitely going to be contending for a 4th. Thanks for a great experience and a great organization.  - Greg


Thanks for placing me on  a team. My team is great  and we have a lot of fun, 2 wins so far and way to go.I would defiantly be interested in joining  the next season and I won’t hesitate to use you excellent service again - Eitai


I am having a blast and you guys found me a nice team to play with.  - James


Great job w the league. Was my first time in a st Pete bowling league and we all had a good time. It was competitive but everyone was friendly. Too legit to split will be returning next season it looks like, should be signing up this week sometime. - Joe

The free agent team really enhanced my perception and makes me want to sign up again. Everyone is friendly and we are 2-1! - Brooks


Gotta say - I'm having a really good time playing with "Winners & Boozers". For a team of people who didn't know each other, we're getting along great and playing well on the field together. - Kim


Great time really enjoyed playing this summer I was placed an awesome team all the guys are great will be back next year - Bruce


I am having a great time on the league. We are a team of all free agents and really clicked as players and friends. We have a lot of improving to do as a team but I hope to have everyone back next season to play again. Thank you for all you do for this league. - Jenna


I just signed up for softball for the first time in years and was placed with on a team--addicted to glove. Just wanted to say its been great so far. Everyone is super nice and we are having a wonderful time!  It's a great league. Thanks so much!!  - Kim


I had an awesome experience this past season in the golf league.  Great people, great course, great matches – very well done...I’ve got the bug now and will be sure to stay aware of the upcoming seasons and times... because I HAVE to come back.  Definitely appreciate you helping to answer some of the questions I had this year, and I look forward to my return season in the future. - AJ


I love my team... I'm new to the Saint Pete area and have enjoyed playing...see you next season! - Jennifer


Appreciate everything you all do at TBCS to make a great league.  We have a lot of fun out there and love playing every season. - Adam


I wanted to let you know that everything is very organized and everyone is very polite. Best league I've experienced so far! Thank you.....- Mark


I just wanted to send you a thank you note. Too often we only hear from people who are unhappy with complaints.  Both teams that you connected me with have all pleasant people on them.  And thus far, all the teams we have played have been pleasant, showing good sportsmanship.  I know that you work hard to cultivate an good atmosphere for our physical and social activities... you are getting excellent results. - Frank


Thank you!!! Can't wait til Monday. This has been so much fun and we are 7-0 and have a direct bye to the semi-final!! Great stuff. We are staying together as a winning team and Virgil is signing us up as a team for Spring - Adam


I am having a wonderful time on Wednesday at Kickball.  My team is great.....we have won our first two games very easily and everybody on the team does their part and gets along.  It is a blast and i am very happy i signed up...- Adam


We love our team- attack pack! Thanks again for the placement. Our team has done a lot outside of volleyball already such as hockey games and Gasparilla, and to think we didn't know anyone before then!! - Jennifer


I currently play in some of you leagues and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy being part of your program.  All the leagues I have played in are excellently maintained and coordinated and I always have a blast.  It’s by far the best organization I have played in so far. - Juliana


As a first time player I've been nothing but impressed. You all put on a well organized, great time! Look forward to coming back for future seasons. Thank you to you and your team for a job well done. Best wishes, - Danielle


I will have to tell you I'm very pleased with everything so far..  The team I was placed on is great, the facilities are great, and I'm very much enjoying myself...  I was in other leagues in St. Pete before, but they are not up to your par..  I'm very glad I found this club, and will be joining as a member and playing in other leagues also..  I'm going to be going out for the Spring Fling this Saturday and looking forward to that.. So far you guys have been great - Robert


Everything is great having a blast with the team you guys put me on!!!!! - Clayton


Thank you very much for following up Chris... I have absolutely enjoyed my experience with TBCS so far, and let me tell you, compared to the awful experience I've had with your competitor, you guys have been phenomenal =) - Babak


Thank you so much for finding me a team.  I am having a great time so far and can't wait to join another league! - Rebecca


Couldn’t be happier! Jason and the whole team are a great group of people and were all having a blast! Thanks for the great placement! - Ken


I just wanted to say I am very pleased with the league. This is the 2nd time (and definitely not the last) that I have played in the TBCS coed rec soccer league and I have to say, both times I have been very pleased. I also am glad you were able to keep me with my friend who is the one that got me into the league in the first place. I have a lot of fun, it's very well organized and keeps me busy Monday nights! Thanks again for running such a great league/organization. - Brian M.


Our team ROCKS!!!!!  Thanks for getting us together!!!  We look forward to taking our Championship picture at the end of the season. - Angela


I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for organizing this league. I'm playing my second season right now, and it's nice to have an organized league to count on, instead of hoping I can find a bar league to land on. I enjoy the competition and always have fun during and after the games. Thanks for the work you do to keep the league going. -Kelley


Just wanted to tell you that we had an absolute blast in the rec softball league in Clearwater.  Just thought you should know how much we appreciate the organization.  The umps were great!  The lady running it off was great, just an all around well run league!  Thanks a lot!  We will definitely be playing again! - Brent


Everything is great for me.  I love the teams I've played on and will continue to sign up as long as my work doesn't get more intense - Keith


Everything has been great with the league thus far.  The team I am on it a lot of fun, in fact I just recently signed up for a Monday coed league because it has been such a great time. - Tim


Love it!  Had a great time last Thursday and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.- Keith


I like my new team, Smashing Pumpkins.  Everyone is great...thanks for placing me. - Cindy


I think our team is great! Our team is a really friendly group of guys and we’re very motivated to play. Before the season started, we e-mailed each other to introduce ourselves, which was good because we learned who plays what position and so on. All in all, the team is fun and a great group of guys! - Matt


By the way, just wanted to let you know what a great job you guys do.  This league is way more organized than any league I've played in before... - Brent


League is great!  Having a great time thus far... it was great to meet everyone! - Aga


We had our first game tonight, and it went well, I'm happy with the team.  Thanks for all your good work. It is a fantastic organization. - Jeff


Kickball was sure an adventure last night, well it was at least a trip down memory lane as a kid.  Forgot how fun that sport is!  Looking forward to the rest of the season. - Jamie


I have found your website very easy to navigate and full of info ... I am extremely pleased with my experience thus far ...thanks again! - Marc


I just wanted to thank you for the follow up. The team is phenomenal, they are very friendly and great fun to play with. I also wanted to compliment you and Matt on the wonderful job you do with soccer. I've really enjoyed playing in the 4 leagues I've been a part of. All of the refs are pleasant and professional and things are well organized. I just wanted to say thank you. It's wonderful to have a place to play soccer when you're in your thirties. Thank you all so much for the hard work you do!! - Jacob

I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for organizing the Wednesday night league that I have been a part of. I am the team captain of the Conquistadors this is the first season that many of the players on my team including myself have ever played any type of organized flag football. I have been pleasantly surprised with the organization and excellent customer service through this entire season. League officials and referees have been very patient with our abundant amount of questions that we have with being first time flag football players. I will refer anyone and everyone I talk with to TBCS. Even though we only won one game throughout the regular season we have had a tremendous time.  Thank you again for organizing this for us. It has been an amazing experience and one I hope to be a part of again in the future.  - Jeremy


Club Sport is a great place to meet people you wouldn't otherwise normally meet.  I joined kickball three years ago as an individual looking to meet new people and still play on the same team with most of the same people who have become some of my best friends.  The best part is I am engaged to someone I met on my kickball team! - Melissa

"I'm a new player in the league. I had NO IDEA that Tampa Bay Club Sports existed.... I love the concept, and I think it's great that I can play soccer again after 25 years of being off the field! No one judges me and the team has accepted me without any issues, since it's "not competitive"..." - Pat


"This was my second TBCS event and my first Hold 'Em Tournament ever!  I surprised myself and took Fourth Place!  I had an absolute blast!!  Everyone I met were all VERY nice, friendly and welcoming!  What a great evening!  I look forward to the next one and would be happy to help, in any way I can, organize the next one!" - Nancy


"You guys ROCK!  I recently moved to the Tampa area from Orlando and was desperately looking to join a Flag Football league.  My boyfriend told me about your sport and social league here so I decided to look into it. Well whatda know!!! I'm back for my second season, :)  Thank you so much for placing me on a team Sacks and Racks (Monday night Flag Football)  and the best part is I've made some new friends in the process which is always nice." - Kelly


"Thanks so much for all the info!  We'll get online tonight and sign up!!  I'm very impressed with how this is all laid out, the whole website is very informative and easy to navigate!  Thanks again!" - Pam


"Thank you very much for the prizes that Patrick and I received when we won the golf league.  It has been great fun being involved with your golf and other leagues, and I just wish I could find more time in the week to play other sports."  - Greg


"Everything is going great thanks to you!! The people on the team are awesome and we're having a lot of fun!! Thank you so much for getting me on a team!! I appreciate your hard work more than you know!!" - Ricky


"I'm personally having a blast. Well organized on your part and the refs/umps are cool too. thanks for putting this together. I'll definitely be back for another season. When does the next one start?" - John


"I am having a lot of fun in this league, and plan on becoming a member.  I also play in the City of Tampa's league, and you guys blow them away." - Gregory


"So far, so good!    I am enjoying the league and plan to sign up again." - Diana


"We are having a lot of fun even though our team is struggling.  You guys do a great job coordinating the league, and I love how you have the scoring statistics on the website!!!" - James

"Everything is great and seems well organized.  This is exactly what I was expecting."- Jon


"I appreciate your hard work in planning the event and I look forward to participating in more TBCS events in the future."  - Jason

"Our Tues coed-rec league at E.C.Moore was a total blast, thank you!" - Ed


"This is my first league, and I'm having a good time." - Nate


"We played two leagues ago and had a blast.  We haven't won a game yet but we don't care, the other teams have a blast as well :-)" - Jamie


"Thanks and I appreciate your help.. we really enjoyed ourselves last night and we're super excited about the season !" - Claire


"I played in your St Pete Men's basketball last night and had a great time.  The league was talented and fun plus the refs were very good and let both teams play."  - Ari


"I personally want to thank you for the work and play you do for this sport...I see you play and how much you enjoy what you're doing...This gives me one night I can enjoy myself and the game I also love. If you ever need some one to help because I don't know how long I'll be out with the injury, but I will be involved some how some way." - Wayne


"Just wanted to say that both my husband and myself are very happy with our teams.  We play on Monday and Tuesday night softball" - Veronique and Rod
"Thanks for your help in putting me on a team.  We have played two Monday's so far and I am enjoying every minute of it.  Thanks!" - Bob